We strongly encourage anyone who is feeling sick or running a fever to stay home (and away from small or large group gatherings) and let someone in the parish know that you are not feeling well. We want to care for you well in every way we can as your church family without unnecessarily exposing others to potential sickness. 

 Particularly if you are elderly or more physically at risk in light of the coronavirus COVID-19, we exhort you to minimize social interactions during these days while still staying connected to your church family through other means.

 Specifically, we invite everyone who is unable to come to mass for any reason to contact us so Holy Communion can be brought to you whether you are at home, with family or in the hospital.

 We have teams of Eucharistic Ministers already in place to bring Holy Communion to our parishioners, whether you have chosen to self-quarantine or are feeling not well.  Please fill out the contact form below and you will be contacted with your designated Extraordinary Minister’s expected time of arrival. 



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