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Reverend Benjamin P. Bradshaw, parochial administrator
Reverend Francisco Franquiz, parochial vicar

 Going through John Paul II’s general audiences is both beautiful and, at times, daunting, as it takes no shortage of time to spiritually digest.

This work is not meant to be a theological think-piece, but a compendium for those who may be seeking to hear St. John Paul II in his own voice, though perhaps do not have the time to appropriate the entirety of his Wednesday general audiences on the body.

The following is a humble attempt to communicate this song of the body, as he understood it. Hopefully, I can get out of the way and allow the Holy Father’s words to speak for themselves.


This Book is my offering free of charge, but donations to St Michaels Church  are gladly accepted during this challenging time.





Please continue your giving to St. Michael’s. This season of limited gatherings is so crucial to the financial well-being of our parish & our community. A large number of our members already give their tithes and offerings online. We so appreciate this and need it during this time. If you don’t give online, consider giving through our website. It’s easy, and the fees are optional. This will help us maintain our day to day operations, as well as our community obligations for those in such desperate need right now. If you prefer, mail your check in to the church office. Giving envelopes are provided for you to mail-in if you so choose to do.

Please let our staff know if there’s anything we can do to serve you during this stressful time. And pray. Pray that God will allow us to be together soon. We need the Church. I need you. The separation that we are experiencing only makes me  excited for our time together again. Until then may we be faithful to communicate to one another, pray for each other, and be faithful to embrace what opportunities have been given to us to continue hearing the Word and sharing the gospel.

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