ST MICHAEL MEMPHIS HOME - St. Michael Catholic Church
St. Michael Speaker Series with Rabbi Micah, November 15 at 7pm
Cocktails and Conversation, September 13 at 6:30pm
St. Michael Parish Festival, September 26, 2021


Every gift we receive at St. Michael supports our programs and maintains this wonderful parish. Thank you for your generosity!



St. Michael Catholic Church depends on the generosity of our parishioners, friends, and benefactors. Generosity is the way we show our gratitude for the gifts we have been given by God. The most noticeable way we show our gratitude is by giving gifts to our parish. Giving in this way is important and a dependable way to be a part of St. Michael’s parish and support the many programs offered.



Please CLICK HERE to be directed to our online giving portal.


Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. Rest in the Lord and enjoy time as a family at home. Be sure to call or visit those who may be alone.

We need to practice social distance as part of a broader practice of social solidarity in love of neighbor. Look for safe ways to help those in need, especially the most vulnerable.


And don’t forget to give to your parish online or through the mail, so the pastoral ministry to all in need continues as needed during this crisis.


For those looking to attend Mass in person, we welcome you!

Listed below is the Mass schedule for in person Masses. Those entering St. Michael, we are so glad you came.

Thank you for visiting St. Michael - We Can't wait to hear from you