Welcome to St. Michael's - St. Michael Catholic Church

WElcome to st. Michael Catholic Church

The mission of St. Michael’s is to help each and every person to discover their relationship with Christ.  Whether you have never visited St. Michael’s or if you are an active parishioner, we invite you to get more involved in our community. 


There are several ways to get involved: 


    • Become a Parishioner – Summer Avenue is one of the busiest, most exciting areas in Memphis.  With the expansion of our Campus, the bustling day to day activities of Memphians will find great peace in the midst of life by the calm serenity of St. Michael’s. Become a parishioner and join our community today.
    • Sign Up for Flocknote – We’ll keep you “in the loop” with regular email communications throughout the year so that you’ll be among the first to know about Masses, special events, concerts and more. Whether you are a frequent or occasional visitor of St. Michael’s, joining us on Flocknote will allow you to always stay in the know with all the exciting new things happening at St. Mike’s.
    • Share your St. Michael’s Story – So many in Memphis have a history with St. Michael, whether with the school, parish or both – and each one comes with its own unique story. We would love to hear your favorite memory or story about our beloved St. Michael’s. As we gather the stories from you, we will post them on a Legacy Wall.
    • Support St. Michael’s – Since the cornerstone to St. Michael’s was laid in 1950, generous donors have allowed this amazing parish to remain a beacon of faith on Summer Ave.  Support St. Michael’s and become part of the Memphis  community and beyond that is continuing the legacy of St. Mike’s.
    • Volunteer – With our campus growing to meet the need of our parishioners and the community, we ask that you please consider reviewing the many different opportunities there are to volunteer, and you can join the community of volunteers that enhance the experience of St. Michael’s for all who walk through our doors.
    • St. Michael’s Young Adults – St. Michael’s Young Adults are an organization of young adults, ranging from late teens to men and women in their thirties, with the example of Christ as their common thread. Join this group of well-grounded, Catholic young adults and help change the lives of your fellow Catholic peers.