Vision Map - St. Michael Catholic Church


Big changes are happening at St. Mike’s and we couldn’t be more excited as a parish family!


Your gifts and generosity are making this transformation possible. Thank you very much!


Plans for the campus of St. Michael’s have been very fluid as much of the budgeting and planning has focused on accomplishing the goals for the campus (outdoor stone kitchen and bar area, new soccer fields, new offices, new parish hall & expanded parking).  


We are very excited to share with you the proposed plans for the parish office building, which will provide a spacious place for both offices for staff and a place we can serve our community.


Church leaders gathered on a rainy and very cold Sunday to bless the grounds and share prayerful words during an official groundbreaking ceremony.


Those in attendance included Bishop Talley, capital campaign chairs and committee members, Diocesan leaders and members of the construction, engineering and architectural design teams, among others connected to the project who gathered to show their support and enthusiasm.


The groundbreaking ceremony featured welcoming remarks from Eustice Corrigan, the Chair of the Finance Committee as well as large contributing supporter,  followed by remarks from both Father Ben Bradshaw and Bishop Talley.  Bishop Talley blessed the foundation site and shortly after readings were recited and prayerful intentions were made.


At the conclusion, ceremony participants took turns with shovels in the ground to ceremoniously toss dirt at the foundation site.


We at St. Michael’s ask for God’s blessings upon the construction work site and ask for your continued prayers for the Lord’s help as we build a campus for both the parish and surrounding community.

We also ask that you lift up prayers that God will bring this construction to its successful completion and that His protection will keep those who work on it safe.



DEMOLITION DAY FOR both old rectory and parish office building

Demolition began with asbestos abatement, utilities disconnect, shortly after the old rectory was torn down.  


A new home has been purchased for our priests which the both the priests and parishioners will enjoy for years to come.


Thank you most for your continued support!

Construction progress - January 2021

The St. Michael Campus is really starting to take shape!


The outdoor stone kitchen and bar has been beautifully completed. the soccer Fields are well on their way to welcome players for our the first game, and we can officially check the demo of the rectory and old parish office building off of our list.  


Thank you so much for your prayers, support, and generosity!


If you haven’t had a chance to donate to the Building Campaign yet or would like to increase your pledge, please visit our online giving portal or contact Julie Winkler in the parish office (temporarily housed in St. Leo’s Hall). Thank you!


Construction progress - JULY 20, 2021

Want an inside peak of the renovations happening at St. Michael’s?  Walk with me as the foreman shows countless workers spending hours of labor on things that will never be seen like electrical, heating and cooling ducts, and phone and data lines.  All important for creating good spaces to work in and connect with others. 


I can’t help but relate the importance of this unseen construction work to the unseen work done tirelessly by our priests and staff.


Most parishioners only experience the “finished product” of our parish bulletins and newsletters, the spreadsheets done to organize our ministers who serve, the planning done for liturgy and music each week, the staff who console the many who grieve a loss and are thrown into the planning of a funeral, the staff who help the new couples who undergo wedding prep and the ever important maintenance both indoor and out which keeps our campus functioning and beautiful.


All things that also are part of a church building which become the tools used to connect people to Christ and community.


As you view the photo gallery notice the exterior brick and stone on the new addition which tie together the colors and architecture of the main Sanctuary and chapel. They also create the impression of permanence in the neighborhood, emphasizing St. Michael’s call to be right here for generations to come.


Take an inside look at the space for our cantors and choirs to now rehearse and notice the many spaces that will soon be the space where our parish ministries and groups gather.  


Notice the beautiful atrium with grand high ceilings and the connecting walkway between the new building and the sanctuary.


We are certainly a church of many generations that strive to live and serve as one in Christ!  


There is excitement in imagining all of the great things that will happen within these walls where important work is being done which will soon be the groundwork necessary but forever unseen.