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Dave Carter Show

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Click the image above to listen to the Dave Carter Show.  He interviews Father Ben regarding the Covid crisis.  Father Ben’s interview begins around the 29:50 mark. The entire show is very good so I recommend listening to it fully.

Why would a loving God permit something like COVID-19 to afflict people He ostensibly loves? It’s the sort of question people have wrestled with for thousands of years.

Our own Dave Carter sits down with Father Ben Bradshaw, Pastor of St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Memphis, TN, to discuss this question and a great many others in a wide ranging conversation that touches on the metaphysical insights of St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Socrates and Aristotle, the physical challenges of ministering in a world of social distancing, and even the world of faith and food (Father Bradshaw is also a classically trained chef).

Ricochet Member Seawriter also joins Dave in a discussion of a his latest book, “Vanished Houston Landmarks.” (He’s also authored 31 other books on a huge variety of interesting historical topics.)

And, determined to thwart any pretense of this being an entirely serious-minded program, Sportscaster Mark brings a slightly twisted sort of sports reporting to the proceedings. We think you will enjoy the result.

Finally, if you’re listening to Dave’s show, but you’re not a Ricochet member, there is a way you can get a 30 day free trial membership . Tune in to learn more!


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