AHERT - St. Michael Catholic Church

Please help keep us informed of any sick, injured, home-bound or hospitalized parishioners by calling the parish office or emailing us at office@stmichaelmemphis.com.


If you need a priest to administer the Last Rites to a Catholic in danger due to serious illness or injury, please call 901-541-5555.

You will be connected to the Catholic Diocese of Memphis After Hours Emergency Response Team (AHERT). AHERT is available to every Catholic family during a time of emergency or crisis.



The ministry’s purpose is to contact a priest, at any hour of night, to visit a hospital patient in critical condition and perform Last Rites.

Thirty volunteers act as an answering service at all hours of the evening and contact diocesan priests to visit patients immediately. Area hospitals and hospital chaplains have access to an emergency number when a Catholic family requests a priest in an emergency situation. All Catholic families have to do is request a priest and a hospital employee or chaplain can call the number.

“We respond to the call no matter the time of day,” said Sharon Kowalke, pastoral life administrative assistant and AHERT volunteer for the Catholic Diocese of Memphis. “Volunteers meet the needs of Catholic families who are distraught and may not know how to reach their parish priest when the parish office is closed.

The diocese provides a service they need which gives families a sense of hope and comfort during a trying time.”  The ministry was developed several years ago and Kowalke says the process is effective. “It’s a seamless process and a priest can be on site in as little as an hour,” she said. “This process works so well that it’s been replicated in other dioceses in the U.S. We’re able to meet the needs of Catholic families who need a priest during a health emergency immediately.”